Lira District, Uganda (E.A)

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About Us

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Eagle Eye Satellite Monitoring is a fully registered and licensed company in Uganda to carry out a wide range of satellite monitoring and tracking services to public, private and Non-Governmental Organisations both Nationally and Internationally. We are the true definition of satellite tracking and monitoring, and the most preferred tracking company in Uganda



A Peaceful and prosperous community.



To provide technical and professional expertise in tracking and spy cameras to private and public institutions for improved peace of mind and prosperity of community in order to promote both national and local development.



1. To provide relevant high quality tracking and spy camera services to our clients.

2. To cooperate as partners with other security organs in order to fight and eradicate thefts and robbery in the community.

3. To provide high quality tracking devices, spy cameras, computers, cell phones and other electronics to our clients.


Core Values

1. Integrity and respect of law.

2. Teamwork and responsiveness.

3. Impartiality in service provisions.

4. Professionalism and confidentiality.

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